Intro to Futsal

Watch Grady chase a ball out of bounds with intensity.  This was his first futsal game.  Futsal is soccer played on a court or indoor surface with a smaller ball designed to stay more to the ground.  The little dude only has one speed to his motor – all out.

2017 Pittsburgh Kids Marathon

Run along with Grady and Natalie through the mile-long Kids Marathon, well, mostly Grady.  Natalie was high-fiving people and pointing at buildings.  The weather tried to ruin the day, but we kept on pushing.  We’re so proud of the kids for being active, committing to this run, and trying new foods every week as a part of the Kids of Steel program.  Also spotted – the Pirate Parrot and Iceburgh the Penguin.

Grady Spring Soccer

Team Attack, intimidating in their purple, takes to the field against some other team.  Check out our dude, wearing the famed #8 shirt, in action.

Here is some video of Team Attack going to work.

One of these days…

I’ve had this dream of combining all my techie hobbies and create a slice of the web where we can post pictures and videos of the kids for our friends and family.  I originally hatched the idea when we were in Houston as a way to keep in touch and allow our circle of people “watch” the kids grow up.  As often is the case, the best laid plans go awry.  I started, failed, restarted, failed, and started yet again.  So here’s the pledge:  Rather than inendate Facebook with pictures and videos of the kids, this site shall be the vehicle.  I love taking pictures, making home movies, and playing the role of web site guy extraodinaire.  Combine all of that with our desire to let friends and family far and wide get a glimpse of what we’re up to.  I may post often, I may not.  Posts my not always be in chronological order.

Feel free to check in, leave a comment, tell us what you think, etc.  Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned…

Bobby (Pittsburgh, PA January 31, 2016.)